Terms and definitions related to the Master Plan

Power plant option 

A planned and defined power plant project for a specific source of energy (hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, wind energy) in a certain location.

Protection category 

Power plant options which it is not deemed right to construct are placed in the protection category. When Alþingi has passed a resolution on the Master Plan the government is required to begin preparations for the protection of geographical areas that have been placed in the protection category. The carrying out of surveys of energy resources in areas that have been placed in the protection category are not permitted to a certain extent and the authorities are prohibited from issuing licences for energy generation or for the utilisation of energy resources in such areas.

On hold category

Power plant options are placed in the on hold category when a position can not be taken due to lack of data. Governmental authorities may not issue licences in connection with energy generation regarding energy resource options that have been placed in the on hold category. Energy resource surveys may be conducted to a certain extent in these areas.

Energy utilisation category 

Power plant options deemed fit for construction projects are placed in this category. Governmental authorities may permit energy resource surveys and energy generation with respect to these options.